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PostSubject: MY COD4 WEBSITE   MY COD4 WEBSITE Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 1:03 pm

heya guys, this is my clan website, alot of it is still under construction, i would just liek some positive feedback and/or helpful critisicm.

if you have any ideas about what i should include then please let me know.

this is an idea i have been working on.

this is down to medals and special awards based on how they play online, mainly to engourage them to play harder and more then before Razz

its a scoring system based on kills, accuracy and game wins.

basically its held for a period of a month with each new month starting a fresh sheet

each kill is worth 1 point

accuracy is worth the total percentage of points earned in that month then added onto the total. i.e 500 points scored through out the month and an accuracy of say 20% would be 500 Divided by 20% = 25

500+25 = 525

games won = 10 points

the player with the most points get an honor award (a little bit like SOTM)

let me know what you think? please cheers
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