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 Spamming the Forums

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Age : 24
Location : Hobart
Registration date : 2008-11-16

PostSubject: Spamming the Forums   Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:55 pm

ok first of what the hell lynx these forums have been going less then 2 weeks and you have 44 posts already I will do a count

Limey:40 (he gets it off cause has to post stuff cause he is clan leader and needs to post the donation page on so one)
what the hell man passed the clan leader in a space of 3 days get of your arse man go out side and do somthing intresting like I don't play the best game in the world SOCCER!!!


P.S. I am sexy Wink
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Number of posts : 85
Age : 27
Location : Gloucestershire
Registration date : 2008-11-16

PostSubject: Re: Spamming the Forums   Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:21 pm

im a forum slut Razz

or maybe its because i love to socailize with the people i like, it is only human after all.

Ok i look after 3 kids, i live in the middle of no where surrounded by trees (im sick of the trees) im also looking after my mum that dont feel well when my dads doing 12 hour shifts, i do beatbox at youth centres on my weekends and im damn good at it, soon ill be gigging with a well known beatboxer near where i live in gloucester.

'hobbit' look him up on youtube.

i do alot of things for alot of people here, doesnt actually leave me much time for myself tbh.

so what if i like to talk to you guys, god next youll have ago at me for being english.

Edit: regreting my idea of a debate forum Razz
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Spamming the Forums
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